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Envoltura de papel de nido de abeja LockedPaper-H1

Introducción De Envoltura de papel de nido de abeja LockedPaper-H1

LockedPaper Hexcel Paper Wrap System LW-H1/H1S, un convertidor mediante la expansión del papel kraft troquelado en un papel de nido de abeja con estructura 3D. Están diseñados con un tamaño reducido que se puede colocar en cualquier estación de empaque y su estructura simple será fácil de usar para los operadores. Además, la tracción del estiramiento del papel se puede controlar manualmente, sin necesidad de electricidad.

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Especificaciones De Envoltura de papel de nido de abeja LockedPaper-H1

Machine Spec


Machine gross weight


Machine size


Packing size


Minimum diameter of hexcel roll core

2inch ( 50.8mm )

Minimum diameter of interleaf roll core

1.5inch (38.1 mm)

Honeycomb paper







Iinterleaf paper







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Detalles De Envoltura de papel de nido de abeja LockedPaper-H1


Easy To Start

*Manual operation, no need of electricity

*Affordable design, low start up cost

*Easy to set up, can set up the machine within 5 min.

Easy To Use

*Easy to load paper, even a child can load it within 25 seconds.

*Constant tension throughout the whole paper roll from big to small. No extra adjust is needed in the middle.

*Extremely small footprint to fit in anywhere.

High Quality Paper

*High tensile die cut paper, will not break even stretched for 4 times of its length

*Dust reduce process during paper converting

*Optional tissue interleaf paper, soft and quite, Protect product surface meanwhile enhance cushion result

Types of Dispenser for Your Different Need

Automatic dispenser: Cut with blade, Super eficiency

Manual dispenser: Work with Interleaf, Constant dispensing force

Single roll dispenser: Easy to load, Extremely small footprint

LockedPaper-H1 Honeycomb Paper Wrapping Machine Advantages

Easy operation

Easy to tear, no need to cut

Self stack, no need of tape 

Expect 25%-50% faster packing


Save storage and cost

1 Roll of honeycomb paper can be unfolded to 20 roll of air bubble


Honeycomb Paper Packaging Applications

It can be used in various applications, including packaging of furniture, electronics, automotive parts, and food items.

It can be used as a substitute for traditional wooden packaging, as it is lighter, easier to handle, and less expensive.

Its versatility makes it an ideal packaging solution for various industries.


Envoltura de papel de nido de abeja LockedPaper-H1
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