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Dispensador de cinta activada por agua

Introducción De Dispensador de cinta activada por agua

La cinta activada con agua está hecha de corcho 100 % reciclado y contiene un adhesivo de almidón natural biodegradable que permanece en la caja para reciclar y penetra en la superficie de la caja o del paquete, lo que permite que la cinta se adhiera a la superficie. Esto crea un sello muy hermético y asegura que su caja no se abra durante el envío.

Máquina de cinta activada por agua LockedPaper Pruebas extremadamente rigurosas para alta confiabilidad, larga vida útil y bajo mantenimiento, lo que aumenta en gran medida la eficiencia de su línea de empaque.

Dispensador de cinta activada por agua LockePaper GTA para entornos de embalaje de ritmo acelerado donde se necesita una mayor productividad, eficiencia y rendimiento de sellado de cajas. ¡Es hora de mejorar su línea de empaque!

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Especificaciones De Dispensador de cinta activada por agua

Machine Parameter

Power Input100/110/220V
Rated Power200W
Cut Paper Length13CM-300CM
Operating Temperature0C~75C
Warranty1 Year

Machine hostX1 ,Power cableXl, UsermanualX1,Wrench X3,FuseX1, Side plateX2, ShortcapX1

Paper Tape70gsm without reinforcement, 200m/roll,50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm width (Support custom logo and reinforcement)

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Detalles De Dispensador de cinta activada por agua

LockedPaper Water Activated Tape Dispenser Quick Overview

Smaller Footprint: size reduced by 25%, the l;atest size is 17.7" * 9.4" * 13", more flexible to use in business.

Lower Sound: the sound less than 60dB when running.

Wide Range of Usage: for medium to large business scale, up to 1.3" * 4800' roll (max diameter 9"). And multi function modes to meet your various needs.

Durable: resistant to rainy days, cold weather, and direct sunlight. Recyclable, more secure, and strong adhension.

Fast and Convenient: High speed packing with automatic gummed tape dispenser。

Time to upscale your packaging line! LockedPaper offers ideal solution for fast-paced packaging business where increased productivity, efficiency and carton sealing output is needed!

Multiple and Flexible Operation Modes

Operation Mode

Single mode:

Select different length to produce the selected length tape

Automatic mode:

Select one length and all the rest with same length to be produced automatically

Program mode:

Select several different sizes and produce the tapes per the setting order

Manual mode:

Press and hold to produce the tape continuously into a hopper.

LockedPaper Water Activated Tape Dispenser Advantages

Fast and Efficient

* Output 1100mm/s

* One-touch dispensing of tape lengths from Min 13cm

* Heating function in brush area to enhance brushing effect

Reliable and Safe

*Alloy frame construction covered in durable ABS plastic

*Safety interlock switch disables cutting mechanism when cover is openned, prevents worker injury

*Buy worry-freely, 1-year warranty

Competitive Supply

* Customized size tapes with customized logo

* Cross weave reinforcement available

* Optimized recipes for longer storage

Difference Bewteen LockedPaper Automatic Paper Tape Dispenser And Other Brands'

LockedPaper Water Activated Tape Dispenser: 


water bottle: 71 Oz, one refilling can seal 2500 cartons (tape length 23.6" per carton)

size: 17.7 * 9.4 * 13 inches

weight: 29.48 LBS

Other Water Activated Tape Dispenser:

sound: 85dB

water bottle: 40-60Oz

size: 23.5 x 16 x 14.4 inches

weight: 38LBS

LockedPaper Water Activated Tape Dispenser Application

1.Various cartons of environmentally friendly materials for sealing or masking carton letters

2.Add markings, marks and remarks on the top of the carton

3.Precise dispensing of adhesive tape, Output up to 1.1m/s, greatly     improve the efficiency of your production packaging line

4.Bigger water tank, less noise, smaller size, very newbie friendly

Why Choose LockedPaper Water Activated Tape Dispenser

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Dispensador de cinta activada por agua
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